Verbrechen am Malecon_Helge Timmerberg_M

Raspberry – Mojito

Cocktail of the year

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Verbrechen am Malecon_Helge Timmerberg_M
Verbrechen am Malecon_Helge Timmerberg_M
Verbrechen am Malecon_Helge Timmerberg_M

Scene of the crime: an arrogant bar on Hamburg's Alster lake. I don’t know whether this is only available from them or whether the raspberry mojito is mixed all over the world, but I know one thing for sure. If your face doesn’t scrunch up, you either have excellent self-control or you have lost your sense of taste. 

My suggestion: the drink should therefore be renamed “COVID-cocktail-test”. 



The usual ingredients: rum, soda, mint, etc., but also raspberry juice. I drank it just to annoy a friend who only accepts pure spirits, and disparages cocktails as mere fruit juices. It was so sweet that it made me grimace, but so as not to give myself away, I stayed cool.


"Delicious," I said to this raspberry overkill, and the spirits - guru silently hated me.


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Translator Artemis Meereis

Proofreading Ada Delsolco & Patrick Alfter

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