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The Year of the Rat

Bangkok, Chinatown,

January 23, 2020

Lots of Chinese people, lots of dead geese, shark fins, and dead eyes of something or

other, lots of fireworks, kites, lanterns, and flags, flags, flags, lots of masked men, and

girls in silk dresses, but few tourists. Lara wants to know from an ugly old woman

who is grilling something even uglier on a skewer whether she also does vegetarian

skewers. The old woman reacts badly. Not unfriendly, not dismissive, not xenophobic

or racist, but badly. Yet the crowd pushes us on. The year of the rat begins.

Helge Timmerberg


- Travel -



CockpitChris Leipelt / Unsplash

Marmor: Prairat Fhunta

China Town / Coverpage: Max van den Oetelaar / Unsplash

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