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UTYIA Magazine: 

Dear Frank Krüger, You are Berlin's most popular sommelier. Which wine would you recommend to our readers for lovesickness?



Frank Krüger: 

Pet Nat! An Easy Sparkling for the soul!


And for good sex?

Natural Wine - Raw and Naked!


For depression?

Margaux! matured just right! Pure antidepressant!


Which grape do you recommend in times of epidemic?

Grüner Veltliner - The grape variety grounds you and it is affordable in times of crisis!

Which wine do you order when your conversation partner is boring and you have to endure it?

Frank Bild Bikini2.jpg


The best Pinot Noir you can find! That way you create your own universe and your boring conversation partner can blabber about whatever he wants ...


Which wine wakes you up, i.e. the cocaine of wines?

Moselriesling! The 100 meter run for your bloodstream!


Would there also be one that goes in the direction of LSD?

Orangewein! You'll see colors you've never seen before and your cosmos will definitely be expanded.


And heroin?

Just drink a bottle of Amarone quickly and in big gulps! Dried fruits, rum stew, bitter chocolate, 17% alcohol - more intense than any heroin flash!

Other comparisons, DMT, or also MDMA?

Enough drug comparisons, right?


And for toothache?

Hildegard von Bingen has already used herbal wine with wormwood for toothache. Mix a Noilly Prat French Dry Vermouth with ice and enjoy the pleasantly numbing effect. Add gin, and you'll hardly feel any pain.


And what helps best the next day for the hangover?

Champagne what else!


Does champagne make beautiful skin?

Champagne makes everything beautiful! A real refresh for your complexion!


Thank you for the interview.

Maielin van Eilum


Frank Krüger
Diploma in Wines and Spirits WSET
IHK-geprüfter Sommelier

Krüger & Stumpf GbR

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